This is a game about broken people trying to fix the world. Buddy Adams, an avatar of The True King is making his run for the senate as a member of the Libertarian-Fascist Party. Together with his campaign team, Adams plans to use every dirty trick, ritual or unholy pact to achieve his political goals. It's House of Cards if the Cards were Tarot and the house was a mad house.

His campaign manager is Richard Bagman, a demon lawyer (a lawyer who takes demons as clients, that is). His direct subordinate is James Mangrove, social media expert, Sociomancy adept, and alter-ego to infamous slash-fanfic author j0nathanXdi0. Also joining the team is Buddy Adams' student and protege, Christopher Schwartz, the Yale Honour Student with a secret ally.

Will this cabal complete its goals? Will they heed the wise words of Alex Jones and defeat esoteric Globalists? Who are are the secretive Skulls & Bones Society, and what do they want? Is Buddy Adams even electable against his opponent Dean O'Leary? Why is Alex Abel and his New Inquisition interfering in the election?

Buddy Adams for Senator

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